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City Simulator

City Simulator is a scalable, three-dimensional model city that enables creation of dynamic spatial data simulating the motion of up to 1 million people. It's written in Java and is designed to generate realistic data for evaluation of database algorithms for indexing and storing dynamic location data.

City Simulator is offered on IBM AlphaWorks so that developing systems for indexing spatial data can be tested for scalability and performance against a standardized data set.

City Simulator is configured by control parameters that allow easy creation of realistic events such as daily commutes. A graphical user interface allows observation of the simulation. It can generate a simulation with over 106 individuals moving along streets, buildings, and between building floors in three dimensions.

Advanced settings allow exploration of efficiency of indexing algorithms over daily commute cycles.

Output of the simulation can be viewed in real time; output is also produced as a comma-separated Values (CSV) text file, which contains a unique person ID, a time stamp, and x,y,z coordinates. This data can be imported into any database to study various spatial indexing and spatial query technologies.
Download City Simulator from IBM AlphaWorks

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