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In this section, you will find some URLs, whitepapers, statistics and other documents on Internet, e-business, IT technologies, software development and emerging trends that I find useful.

Contact me your suggestions of documents that you find useful with respect to the topics listed above.
  • A Day in the Life of CEOs Online
  • Worldwide Information Technology Indicators by the end of 2002
  • E-Readiness Rankings 2002
  • Adult Entertainment is Still the King of Online Content
  • Consumers Spent US $453.4 Million Online During Thanksgiving in 2002
  • Up and Coming Online Ads: Keyword Searches, Rich Media and Classifieds
  • E-Commerce Volume Peaked to US $11.06 billion in 2002/Q3
  • Other Resources
  • Open CourseWare Pilot Education Programme from MIT
  • European Union 6th Framework Programme (EU FP6)
  • Downloads
  • Multi Channel Access (Interview with Beth Devin)
  • 72 KB PDF
  • Things to Consider Before Starting a Business
  • 129 KB PDF
  • How to Evaluate a Venture Capital Firm ?
  • 62 KB PDF
  • E-Business Solution Deployment Process
  • 33 KB PDF
  • E-Commerce Infrastructure Assessment
  • 20 KB PDF
  • E-Commerce Workflow
  • 48 KB PDF

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