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A Day in the Life of CEOs Online
March 15, 2003 and GartnerG2 in conjunction with conducted an online research study to examine topics related to C-Level (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, etc) and other senior executive lifestyles.

As many as 11,350 C-Levels and senior managers completed the online survey between December 19, 2002 to January 31, 2003.

Key Findings

Web is a pervasive presence in C-Level executives' lives. More than half (53%) say they access the web before they go to work while only 41% said they read a newspaper before going to work..

82% of C-Level executive respondents said they check their e-mail before they start other work. Only 6% said they have an assistant do it for them.

35% of C-Level executives visit business/financial web sites before they start other work.

More of the C-Level respondents (58%) do online research than use the web to check their portfolio (33%). Only 11% delegate online research to their assistants. According to this;

  • 58% say they find what they want online
  • 46% say they find what they expect online
  • 24% buy/sell financial investments online

  • Nearly half (48%) of C-Level respondents say they click on online ads when they see something of interest to them.

    24% of C-Levels make online purchases once a week or more frequently. 36% of C-Levels make online purchases once a month.

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