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Turkey's First and Only Natural Language Processing Based 2nd Hand Auto Exchange Infrastructure

In 2003, I've developed a mobile applications infrastructure for easy exchange of 2nd hand automobiles as easy as giving an ad to a newspaper for Senardi Information Systems.

At the heart of the system, there is an advanced parser based on natural language processing and it's deployed as a web service for easy adaptation to various interfaces.

I just have the Turkish dictionary files at the moment. However, the whole infrastructure is adaptable to other languages.

There is a working prototype based on this parser for mobile phones. Users interact with the system by sending and receiving SMS messages.

It's unique in the way that it parsers user input. There is no need for entering words in a predefined order or by prefixing them with tags like other SMS based services require. User just enters information as giving an ad to a newspaper in any prefered order.

System parsers and normalizes user input based on a natural language processing scheme and stores information in a database for later use. During normalization, system corrects the typos user had made during data entry and maintains information integrity.

Below is the outline of the prototype for SMS Messaging:

Below are packages used for software development:

  • MySQL 4.0.12 (with InnoDB)
  • Delphi 6
  • PHP 4.3.1
  • MyODBC 3.51.06
  • IIS 5 (Win2000/SP3) or Apache
  • Nokia PC Connectivity Suite 3.0 Beta
  • MSADO15.dll ver: 2.53.6200.0
  • Building dictionaries for all brands and makes take too much time so I've verified the prototype with a reduced subset.

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