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Multi-Lingual Human Resources Portal Project

In 2005, I've analyzed and functionally designed a multi-lingual human resources portal dedicated to information technology (IT) jobs for a human resources startup in Turkey.

Since the portal is underdevelopment, at this stage I will not mention its url due to the non-disclosure agreement.

Basicly, 3 different types of users are serviced throughout the portal; Job seekers, employers and the portal owner.

Job seekers can browse the portal, create multiple resumes in multiple languages, search for jobs, apply to the jobs, recommend a particular job to a friend, follow-up their applications and create e-mail (possibly sms) alerts for the jobs they are interested in.

Employers can browse the portal and view other's job listings. They can apply to the basic service for employers throughout the portal. Once their application is validated, they receive userid and password from the portal owner. They can list their open positions on their own. Since the portal owner is a human resources company, they can ask for research and selection service based on individual openings. Employers have the functionality for managing applications, job listings and the interactions for service requests from the portal owner. Each employer has just access to the details of its own applicants.

Portal owner which is infact a human resources company has the functionality for candidate search, resume creation, job listing, approving pending employers, servicing employers' search and selection requests, managing the appointments with candidates, tracking the interactions with candidates, managing the portal homepage and other system parameters. Portal owner has full access to the candidate database. Candidate search results are presented based on a proprietary algorithm.

Portal homepage provides easy access to internships, entry level jobs, executive positions, featured positions, most wanted positions and most wanted IT skills together with news and announcements from the portal owner.

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