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Projects & Prototypes
In this section, you will find some of my innovative projects, prototypes and system designs on mobile applications, imaging and computing together with some value added services that I had worked on and drafted.

Actually, I have more than presented here but it takes too much time to bring them here so I have started with the most interesting ones.

Contact me for suggestions and possible co-operations.

I've setup a team for the design and development of a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) based imaging device to be used in industrial and medical imaging applications using Sony's CCDs and chipsets. Click here for details.

Turkey's first and only natural language processing based second-hand mobile auto exchange infrastructure. Users interact with the system via 2-way SMS messages in an even easier fashion than giving an auto ad to a newspaper. There is a working prototype of the system but unfortunately the dictionary files are just in Turkish at the moment. Click here for details.

I've analyzed and functionally designed a multi-lingual human resources portal dedicated to information technology (IT) jobs for a human resources startup in Turkey. 3 different types of users are serviced throughout the portal; Job seekers, employers and the portal owner. Click here for details.

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