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Overview of the Major Intel and AMD CPUs Starting with the 80x86

Here you will find some links about various Intel and AMD CPUs. Starting with the good old segmented 80x86, we will move towards to some modern designs like next generation Pentiums and AMDs.

Historical review of CPUs from 80x86 to 80x486-DX4
About the 5th generation CPUs - The original Pentium
More about the 5th generation CPUs - Cyrix 6x86 & AMD K5
P55C - MMX, IDT WinChip and dual voltage
Chip production, Moore's law and the Pentium Scandal
Cooling and over clocking
Two frequencies to clock on
Which CPUs can be over clocked ?
An example of over clocking
Introduction to the 6th generation of CPUs - Pentium Pro
The second 6th generation CPU - Intel's Pentium II
Deschutes, 100 MHz FSB and Celeron
P6 alikes: AMD K6, K6-2 and Cyrix 6x86MX
AMD K6-3 and K6-2+
Intel Xeon for servers
Pentium III, Katmai, new registers and SSE
Pentium III CuMine
Further development of Pentium III - Tualatin and Pentium 4
Introduction to AMD K7 Athlon
Athlon TBird and SledgeHammer
CPU Sockets, chipsets and a roadmap to Intel CPUs
Introduction to Intel's Itanium/Merced
Duron vs Celeron
Introduction to Intel Pentium 4

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